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China Chains & General Machinery Factory Ltd (CCGMF) is a leading manufacturer of power transmission products.
Our main products are pulleys, taper bushes, sprockets, gears, racks, couplings, locking elements and hubs CCGMF owns 4 manufacturing facilities in China .
CCGMF currently employs about 450 employees across its 4 factories all of which are ISO9001 certified.
We believe in constantly improving our quality through better equipment , more automation and training of our core technical staff.
We have 2 premier brands, CCGMF and PowerbeltCCGMF currently exports 80% of total output.
Our main markets are Europe, North America, South America and Asia. 20% of our sales are in China.

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China Chains $ General Machinery Factory Limited

Address:12K,Far East Mansion 5-6 Middle Road.Tsim sha Tsui,Kowloon.Hong Kong.
Tel:+852-2368 6814
Fax:+852-2368 2814